Word Capture

Word Capture

Current Version: 2.0.0
Normally $2.99, but for you just $0.00
Released: 2011-04-15
Updated: 2012-03-04

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Game Description

Word Capture, the first educational game of its kind for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch! This simple, amazing and addicting game has made spelling fun again!

Ever been bored sitting there looking at spelling words? Yeah, I've been there too! Make spelling fun again by creating your own Zones, or Spelling Lists, with words you need to learn how to spell. Then use your thumbs and play your way to an A. You start off at the bottom of the screen moving your ship left and right to avoid the stars, and other objects falling down. A rule to remember is, if it is in a bubble, it's yours to collect. If it is not, watch out and avoid it. As you progress you will be introduced to different types of stars, and objects, some that either move after you, or move in a specific pattern.

Hurry and get this awesome game before the price goes up, the next version is about to launch! This new version will have our Custom Games, and Level Editor. You will be able to create your own games with up to 99 levels each game! Get Word Capture NOW to SAVE 67% before this version is released!


  • 5 Zones
  • 15 levels each Zone. *75 levels*
  • Ratings per level.
  • Score per level.
  • 5 stars, and other objects to avoid
  • 3 moving enemies, watch out! (avoid these)
  • You can replay any level to better your rating and score.
  • Customized Levels. You need to study for a spelling test? Make your own game with the words you want to study for and play while you study!


  • To move your ship simply press, or press and hold on the side of the screen you want to move.
  • You can also pause, change the controls to touch or tilt, and exit the level by pressing anywhere at the top of the screen.